GMB Union Calls for A Better Deal For City Council Employees At Its Conference in Leeds

GMB, Britain’s General Union, which represents more than 8,000 members across Leeds City Council will be hosting its annual GMB activists’ conference in Leeds on Thursday, 11th October 2018, as part of its celebration of ‘activists in the workplace’. 

More than 100 delegates will meet at the Marriott Hotel in Leeds for what will be GMB’s third annual conference to be hosted in the city. 

Guest speakers include GMB General Secretary Tim Roache, National President Barbara Plant and Regional Secretary Neil Derrick.

The top union officials will hear from grassroots members about the impact austerity has had on them and the wider GMB membership not just in the workplace but across our communities. 

GMB full-time official for Leeds City Council, Darran Travis, said: 

“Our members are under enormous stress within the workplace. It is clear that cuts across all services are severely biting and effecting not just vital services, but also the morale of our members.”

“We have a fantastic group of GMB activist in Leeds City Council and they have done a great job supporting our members through what has been a pretty traumatic few years for some of them, but there is only so much they can do.”

“We are now hearing contradictory reports; in one breath the Prime Minister is saying that the end of austerity is in sight, and then her Chancellor says we face cuts for another five years.”

“The public have had enough, our activists have had enough and GMB members are sick to the back-teeth of it, and quite rightly they deserve something better.”

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For further comment contact Darran Travis on: 07984-570654.


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