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GMB, Providing a Health & Safety Service for You

GMB places the health, safety and welfare of its members at the very top of the agenda and is dedicated to providing a service that supports our members in their aims to achieve better working conditions.

Support and guidance on all aspects of health, safety and welfare is catered for from within the H&S department and delivered by various means, ranging from provision of advice, conducting workplace inspections, sitting on health and safety committees and where necessary intervening and resolving inflammatory situations; which has proven to be an effective instrument in highlighting and gaining recognition of workplace issues. 

For further information regarding any aspect of your health and safety please email Colin Kirkham, National Project Director RERHSO, at [email protected] or Jessica Carrington, Health & Safety Secretary, at [email protected]


Health and safety isn’t expensive … it’s priceless!

GMB health and safety policy approach

GMB is recognised as the leading British trade union on health, safety and environmental issues.  GMB has a distinctive approach to dealing with health and safety matters.  We support around 20,000 workplace safety representatives.  Our safety reps are union safety watchdogs who represent their members’ interests on health and safety matters.

Making the workplace safer – our policy

GMB believes that health and safety need not be a complicated process understood only by ‘experts’.  Indeed, we believe that the people who are most likely to understand the risks associated with a particular job are those who actually do the work. The starting point for the GMB approach to reducing accidents and ill health caused by work is to identify what can cause harm.  This could be noise, asbestos, lifting heavy boxes, dangerous machinery etc.  Once the hazards have been identified the next step is to take action to eliminate (or reduce as much as possible) the risk of these things causing harm.

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Health & Safety

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