GMB has described scrapping the Leeds HS2 leg as ‘economic vandalism’

The Conservatives have abandoned voters in Yorkshire - the same voters who helped deliver them a majority at the last general election.   Scrapping HS2 in the region will mean billions of pounds of investment will go.  

Yorkshire deserves more than consolation prizes; it needs real long-term investment in transport infrastructure to link towns and cities together to create thousands of high skilled well-paying jobs. 

Voters will rightly be left scratching their heads as Yorkshire politicians like Rishi Sunak talk a big talk on levelling up the North, but once again fail to deliver.

Neil Derrick, GMB Regional Secretary, said:

 “Cutting investment for a city like Bradford makes no sense, with one of the youngest workforces in Yorkshire.

“The city would benefit for generations by having stronger links to Manchester and Leeds.

“All of the Government’s own sums show that if you put a pound of money into the economy by building things like railways, you get at least one pound out in the form of increased wages or economic growth. 

“This is economic vandalism, pure and simple.”











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