Stark Warning To The Secretary State of Health By The GMB - Union for Health Workers

8 Oct 2013

The NHS pay review body is an independent body that receives evidence which then determines a recommendation on pay in the NHS. If the Secretary of State wants to employ bullying-employer tactics and dictate to an independent pay review body how pay is going to be determined in the NHS the GMB message is simple - we will fight this.

Rehana Azam GMB National Officer for the NHS said ‘You only have to spend some time with a NHS Paramedic, Nurse, Theatre, Porter or any frontline NHS Worker to see their number one priority is to deliver patient care, quality of care and the best outcomes to the patients they care for.

Jeremy Hunt wants to berate and bully staff whilst NHS workers are trying to do a job under some of the most difficult conditions. This is just wrong and can not be tolerated.

Government’s attack on the NHS is significantly undermining the delivery of care. Government cuts to NHS services and jobs is putting patient wellbeing at risk. If the Government and Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt now wants to attack NHS staff pay while offering tax cuts to married couples it will be the final straw that leads to calls for industrial action.’