Chesterfield GMB Member Awarded £122,500 For Accident

30 May 2012

GMB member Shaun Powell has been awarded £122,500 in settlement of a personal injury claim against his employer, Joseph Ash Ltd.

Shaun suffered a severe injury when a steel beam fell on his foot in August 2008 at work. The employer’s insurers initially offered a paltry £1,700 by way of compensation but shortly before accepting that offer Shaun fortuneately decided to check it out with GMB’s personal injury solicitors, Thompsons, first. Following lengthy negotiations Shaun accepted the £122,500 figure.

GMB senior organiser for South Yorkshire & North Derbyshire, Graham Benton, commented, “This case highlights the benefit of being a GMB member with access to one of the UK’s leading personal injury law firms when suffering injury or disease at work. They are the experts and will look after you when you are hurt by employers’ negligence and insulted by their insurers. Members should not accept derisory offers without taking independent legal advice and this is a perfect example of the “union premium”.”