Closure of Remploy Furniture

29 Aug 2013

Remploy management have announced the closure of its furniture business which includes 80 jobs at the Sheffield factory.  GMB believe this is a disgraceful, ideologically driven decision by the Government with the assistance of the Remploy board and KPMG.  This deplorable decision will mean many disabled people being stripped of their dignity, unable to work again and be consigned to a life on benefits. 

The Remploy factory network has been systematically dismantled and we believe the decision makers should be held accountable for this attack on disabled workers.  In the announcement from Remploy they have said there is no viable bids, GMB do not accept and dispute this statement and call on Tim Mathews (Remploy Chief Executive) to explain exactly why the bid that would have secured jobs at the Sheffield factory is not viable and value for money.