ConDems Must Focus On Preventing Workplace Deaths

1 Jul 2010

Commenting on the latest figures for workplace deaths published on 30th June 2010 by the Health and Safety Executive, which show that 151 people died at work between 1 April 2009 and 31 March 2010, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said politicians must focus on preventing workplace deaths. He went on:

‘The fall in the number of fatalities at work is very welcome, although it is mainly the result of far fewer people entering the workplace during the recession. Every single one of these deaths is a tragedy for the family that has been left behind and we owe it to them to make sure that we stop these events happening to others. Politicians and the press should focus on preventing such deaths rather than talking about health and safety regulations being a burden. None of these deaths were a result of over-regulation or risk aversion. In most cases they were caused by basic health and safety precautions not being taken. We must remember that these 151 deaths are less than one per cent of the number of premature deaths caused by work. We must do far more to reduce the terrible toll from occupational diseases such as cancers.’