Demo at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield – 5th July 2011

4 Jul 2011

Happy Birthday NHS!  63 years of free healthcare for all - let’s hope it continues…

As the National Health Service approaches its 63rd birthday on July 5th, the Northern TUC and Northern Public Services Alliance are gearing up to celebrate one of the most envied healthcare systems in the world - providing free healthcare for all at the point of need. However, the Government has recently published proposals which represent the most damaging attacks ever on the NHS. 

So, as part of the Save the NHS campaign, the Northern Public Services Alliance is holding events across the region over the next week to wish the NHS a very Happy Birthday and ask the public to show their support and ensure the NHS does have ‘Many Happy Returns’ by signing giant birthday cards 1 metre high and 0.75m wide, and sporting I heart NHS stickers.  The cards will then be presented to various senior healthcare professionals.

One of the events will take place in Sheffield:

Demo at Northern General Hospital
(Herries Road entrance) on
5th July 2011 at 12:15pm

If you are available please come along to show your support.

We wish the NHS a very happy 63rd birthday and hope for many happy returns to come, and that mercenary motivations and ideological cuts don’t destroy what is, and should, remain a right not a privilege.

GMB - The Union for NHS staff