Free School Meals Axed

8 Jun 2010

GMB has campaigned for free school meals for primary school children on nutrition and education grounds for many years. The last Labour government gave the go ahead for pilot schemes in five areas from September 2010 and GMB Congress delegates were told that the pilots have now been axed.

Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary for Public Services speaking at Southport said, “Trial provision of free primary school meals in Durham and Newham have produced hard evidence of their success and cost effectiveness. On this hard evidence base the piloting of free school meals was extended to all regions of England.  It beggars belief that the new government has decided unilaterally, without consultation, to pull the plug on a socially necessary project. Congress delegates are furious. So we start to get the flavour of the new government – attacking families and children while feather-bedding the wealthy.”