GMB Campaign Against Closure of Westfield Health Centre, Sheffield

14 Nov 2014

The reality of the way in which this government places Health Care provision to ordinary and vulnerable members of the public is shown for what it is. A well respected and caring GP who runs Westfield Health Centre in Sheffield is to retire. NHS England have decided not to replace the GP and instead, they will close the Health Centre. There has been no public consultation. Patients have not been told where they will be treated in the future, nor have they been considered in what is an unacceptable decision with no measures in place to protect the 2000 patients, many of whom are elderly, young and vulnerable.

The staff providing valuable services have been served with redundancy notices. GMB members,  Labour MP Clive Betts, and councillor Isobel Bowler will join protesters outside of the Health Centre today in an effort to get NHS England to change it’s mind.  It is also rumoured that another Heath Centre, serving 12,000 patients nearby is also earmarked for closure in the near future.

Is this David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt’s way of protecting the NHS and ensuring patients come first ? Is it any wonder people have to resort to going to A & E departments? It is distasteful to note the advice given by Jeremy Hunt today that they should go to the local chemist instead.  It is also an appalling indictment on Nick Clegg, who is a local MP that he is allowing this to happen. His silence is deafening !

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