GMB Hold Protests Across the UK To Defend Bullied Members At Carillion

2 May 2012

GMB staged five protest demonstrations outside Carillion today to support GMB colleagues at Great Western Hospital in Swindon who are still in dispute with the company.  GMB was given to understand that on 27th April Carillion would communicate the conclusions of the second investigation into these allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination that led to 18 days strike action so far at the hospital. In the last few days GMB has been given indications that there will be yet more delays in reaching conclusions into the allegations that have been around for over five months. GMB members suspended the strike action to allow Carillion time to conduct this second investigation into these allegations. 

These 150 GMB members are involved in an ongoing dispute at the hospital against their PFI employer Carillion over allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination. After the first investigation Carillion was not prepared to uphold any of the grievances of the staff. As a consequence GMB filed discrimination claims on behalf of the members at the Employment Tribunal. Semperian, the company which owns the PFI contract was joined to these tribunal cases.
Bill Chard, Membership Development Officer for GMB said: “The Carillion dispute was suspended to allow the company time to conduct a second investigation in to the serious allegations that have been in the possession of the company for five months now.  GMB was given to understand that we would be told the outcome of the investigation last week but that deadline has been missed. Carillion is dragging its feet. 

What this shows is that the culture of abusing its own staff is ingrained in Carillion which was found guilty in court of blacklisting its own workers. The HR manager responsible for the blacklisting is the same person dealing with the Swindon hospital contract. It is going to require a public campaign to force Carillion to confront the institutional abuse of its own employees and come to terms with the culture existing within its organisation. These protests are just the start of that campaign.”