GMB Members Participate In Union Campaign Against Austerity In Calderdale

24 Jun 2013

The TUC organised Austerity Uncovered Bus Tour aims to visit over 80 locations across Britain from 17th June to 5th July.  It wants to mobilise opposition to austerity and promote positive ideas for creating jobs, protecting our NHS, investing in our young people, bringing our high streets back to life and delivering a living wage.

The Coalition government’s extreme austerity policies have failed Calderale and unemployment has risen under the Coalition with 6,460 local people out of work and unable to find a job.  In the last 2 years wages have fallen in the Yorkshire and Humber region against the rising cost of living by an average of £34 per week.

Austerity has failed and is damaging our country. To join the campaign to defend our services from austerity tell us how the cuts are affecting you.  Visit: