GMB New App For Tied Tenants

13 Nov 2012

GMB will gather evidence from tied pub tenants on the four questions raised by Vince Cable on self-regulation and the economic dispute in the sector. GMB has until November 23rd to respond with evidence to these four questions and on the wider economic dispute between tied tenants and pubcos.

GMB has set up mobile app that will make it easy for tied tenants to provide confidential information regarding their own experience of with their pubco and whether they have seen any improvements due the self-regulation introduced last year. This follows a recent tweet to a GMB tied tenant by pub minister Jo Swinson asking the tenant to put her case forward as part of the evidence gathering. See notes to editors for more info on the app which can be accessed at

GMB will use this easy to use app to gather information on the four questions posed by Vince Cable in his letter of Nov 7th and wider economic dispute. The four questions from Cable are as follows:

1.  What action has been taken, and is planned, by the governing board of PICAS to promote and maintain awareness among licensees of the availability of mediation and arbitration services in relation to any matter relating to the Framework and Company Codes. Any facts you can share, consistent with commercial confidentiality, of binding decisions already made by PICAS would also be welcome.

2.  What action has been taken, and is planned, by the large pubcos (those with over 500 pubs) to maintain awareness among licensees of their rights under the code, including of the specific improvements introduced in December 2012 through version 5 of the Industry Framework Code in relation to rents, insurance, dilapidations and training, including pre-entry training; of the legally binding nature of the code; and of licensees’ right to binding arbitration. I would be interested to know what further improvements the industry is proposing to include in version 6 of the code, designed to further improve transparency and fairness for tenants and when will these be implemented?

3.  What progress have the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) made in preparing for their code re-accreditation role and what is the status of the necessary agreements with the industry on how the re-accreditation process will work?

4.  What action, if any, is being taken under the leadership of the BII to set up a Pubs Advisory Service for licensees, further to the Pubs Advisory Service already set up under the leadership of Chris Wright and others.

Dave Mountford, GMB branch secretary, said; “GMB is disappointed at the weak questions posed by Vince Cable to members of the industry regarding self-regulation. GMB is also very concerned that the list of organisations being consulted does not include any organisation that directly represents tenants. As Mr Cable clearly only intends to hear the views of one side of the industry, to questions that do not relate to the crux of the issue, our responses, will hopefully even that out.

We had already put in place a mobile app that was due to be launched in the next few weeks, but this opportunity was too good to pass up. Jo Swinson is well known for her use of Social Networking and clearly supports the idea of tenants using this system to put across their points. The importance of this current review cannot be overstated and we need as much feedback from tenants as possible.

The “App” can be viewed through a normal Web Browser or through an I Phone and the information requested relates to disputes between the tenant and their pubco and how they are resolved. There is an opportunity to give a very detailed response outlining the issue at hand and the tenants comments on how they view self-regulation is working.

Whilst all the information given is strictly confidential it is important that we are provided with means of verifying the individual and therefore being able to confirm their points are valid.”

Contact: Dave Mountford 07794 021 212 or 01629 258 083