GMB On Health Bill Pause

6 Apr 2011

GMB reacts to the Prime Minister’s statement on the further increased consultation on the Health Bill - the government are merely taking time out to sell the Health Bill rather than listen to the public. GMB warns that the Bill allows doctors to profit from underspending on patient care and the private sector and private equity have the ability to latch onto this income stream unless it is forbidden in law.

Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer for the NHS said, “The Conservatives cannot be trusted with the NHS. As soon as they got into Number 10 they launched their white paper titled ‘Liberating the NHS’ without a shred of a manifesto commitment for the dogmatic proposals it contained. The title sums up their disdain for the NHS.  Why the Lib Dems let them do this is a mystery and shows that their MPs are without convictions.

GMB has continuously raised concerns on the timetable and scale of changes.  GMB has warned that the Bill as drafted would allow doctors to profit from under- spending on patient care. We know enough about the ability of the private sector and private equity to latch onto and profit from this income stream unless it is expressly not allowed. Just look at how the private sector is overcharging the public sector over £100m per annum on inflated rents for care home beds.

The extended consultation is about selling the Bill to the public not listening to our health professionals because if the professionals were going to be listened to then why is it that it has taken Lansley and Cameron so long to halt the process and listen?  GMB has been heavily engaged in the consultation process and the government has not listened. GMB will continue to re-make the points already made. GMB is sceptical that there will be the radical changes and we are not upbeat about the outcome of any further consultation.

I don’t think that the government is listening at all and the thousands of people include GMB members who work in the Health Service who have signed a petition are right not to trust the Conservatives with our NHS.”