GMB Opposes 58 Job Losses At 26 Sheffield Schools

2 Jun 2013

Reduced budgets in Sheffield schools are now starting to bite and is proof that education is no longer protected or safe from government austerity measures says GMB.  GMB, the union for school support staff, responded to proposals that 26 schools in Sheffield lay off school support staff and down grade others following Sheffield City Council sending GMB an official notice of redundancy.

Peter Davies, GMB Organiser, said “Sheffield City Council has issued to GMB a redundancy notice covering the loss of 58 jobs. GMB believes that the situation is much worse than the council either realises or is admitting and that there are more to come. 

GMB has not been consulted in good time in most cases and certainly not since December as the Council are claiming.

The stand still budgets and, in most cases, reduced budgets in Sheffield schools are now starting to bite. This is certainly proof that education is no longer protected or safe from government austerity measures. 

GMB is in discussions with the teaching unions and again, in most cases, teachers are simply unaware that they’ll be loosing vital support staff in their class rooms come September.

At many of these schools it would appear the proposals are to get rid of some jobs altogether and to downgrade the role of many Teaching Assistants who remain.
There seems to be little or no realisation that many of the remaining reduced roles will not cover the support that teachers and pupils need in the classroom.
If our members end up in these reduced roles all good will would disappear and they will do no more than their reduced poverty level wages pay and in accordance with their job descriptions as the lowest grade is paid less than the living wage.

So far we’ve only been able to meet with governors at some schools and the rest of the school management teams knew, in far too many cases, nothing about the proposals when we asked about their involvement.
It is unfair to single individual schools out because they’re certainly not alone but we are seeing unprecedented job losses in schools and with many now choosing to buy their own HR services there appears to be little involvement from the Council.

GMB are consulting with members at all of these schools and there is a lot of anger amongst staff, we can not rule out industrial action to halt this attack and the number of schools involved grows each week.”

Pete Davies 07501 228 313 Neil Derrick 07958 156 832 or GMB press office 07974 251 823 or 07921 289880