GMB Recommend Corus Pay Offer

5 Aug 2010

GMB is to recommend the Corus pay offer for 2010/11 to members who will now be balloted.

The recommended offer, reached after lengthy negotiations, is for a 3.2% increase on the base rate and a £200 lump sum payment.

Keith Hazlewood GMB National Secretary commented on the pay offer from Corus for 2010/11:

“The steel unions GMB, Community and Unite at a meeting with Corus on 4th August 2010 are pleased to confirm that a possible settlement has been reached on the 2010/11 pay negotiations, and will go to the members working in Corus Strip and Long Products UK businesses for ballot with a recommendation to accept.

After last year’s pay freeze and a very turbulent eighteen months it would be nice to think that we have seen the worst, and have the makings of a foundation to build on for a secure future for our members and local steel communities going forward.

We have still got a long way to go but the longest journey starts with the very first step and we would like to think we have now taken that step.”