GMB Round Up Shows 150,000 Public Sector Job Losses

13 Sep 2010

Round up shows a total of 6,904 job losses in the pipeline in Yorkshire and Humberside for 13 public sector bodies

There are nearly 150,000 job losses already announced or in the pipeline in 153 public bodies according to the GMB’s round up published this morning in advance of the TUC Congress in Manchester. 6,904 job losses have already bee announced or are in the pipeline for 13 public sector bodies in Yorkshire and Humberside according to the round up.

Across the region the biggest job loss in the pipeline is at Kirklees Council where 1,500 are under threat. Next is Leeds City Council where 1,400 jobs are threatened. 1,000 jobs are threatened at Sheffield City Council and another 1000 at Bradford City Council.

The round up was compiled by GMB researchers in the last week. They used information supplied by GMB Officers representing members across the public sector and public announcements made by the employers. The details of all the results for the region are set out in the table below. The results for the whole of the UK are at the foot of the national press release at as a pdf.

Tim Roache GMB Regional Secretary said, “Current job losses already announced in the public sector of nearly 150,000 are just the top of the iceberg heading for our services and our economy when the Comprehensive Spending Review finally hits home next month. Unemployment and cuts in public services follow the appointment of a Tory led government like night follows day.
It was the excesses of the bankers not high public spending that caused the recession. The deficit in public finances is mainly due to the loss of 6% of national output because of the recession. The ideology of the Tory Party if for a smaller State and they are hell bent on using the recession to impose these needless and ideologically driven cuts in public spending.”