GMB Says NO To Water Meters

7 Jun 2012

GMB, the water workers union, responded to the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) call for compulsory water meters in homes.

Gary Smith, GMB National Secretary for Utilities said, “This ICE call for compulsory water meters is based on the mistaken conclusion that water in the UK is scarce. It is not. Less than 2% of rain that falls in the UK is used in households and industry while the rest runs off eventually to the sea. Blaming citizens rather than water companies for shortages is a cop out.

What needs to be done to avoid running out of water is to store more water from times of plenty to be used at times of scarcity and transfer it from places with surplus water to areas with shortage at times of drought.

This is not rocket science. It does require a long term national plan overseen by a public body with teeth like a Water Resources Board that can direct the privately owned monopoly water supply companies to do what needs to be done.”