GMB Slam Council Pay Freeze

17 Feb 2011

GMB Slam Council Pay Freeze

Thursday 17th February 2011

GMB commented on the announcement by the Local Government employers today of the imposition of a pay freeze for a second year for 1.5 million local council workers in England Wales and Northern Ireland.

Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary for Public Services said, “GMB members will be sickened by the imposition of another year’s pay freeze. These are some of the lowest paid and hardest working people home helps, social workers, school dinner ladies, refuse collectors.

These 1.5 million council workers had a below inflation pay rises in April 2008 and 2009 and a pay freeze in April 2010. With inflation still running high council workers have now had a 10% real pay cut over the past 3 years leaving many of them in poverty. There will be now a meeting of the full NJC to discuss the issue of pay in local government.

The employers blame national government for the continuing pay freeze. They said the claim for an increase of £250 would cost £265m and that this would add to the funding gap of £6.5 billion they face as a result of Government spending cuts. So on top of huge job losses and attacks on their conditions and pensions its abject misery for workers in local government while fat cat bankers who caused the recession still rake in the bonuses.

At the level of the national economy the Government should realise that it is not possible to deflate your way to growth and a balanced budget. This message needs to be sent loud and clear at the TUC demonstration in London on 26th March and at the local elections in May.”