GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region Membership Continues To Grow

3 Apr 2014

The membership reports for March show we have passed the 63,000 members mark. This is about 2 months ahead of when we expected to do so and is due to our continued strong start to the year. We recruited 771 last month and due to our ongoing solid retention we grew by 372, our rolling average now being 625.

Just to put this into perspective our real membership ( once we had cleared the system of non payers) was 55,410 in January 2008 - today we have grown it to 63,171. That’s an increase of 7,761 in 6 years.

Well done everyone. Hard work I know, but building the union always has been, as a region we seem to be good at it!

Thanks for your continued efforts.

Neil Derrick, Senior Organiser & NOT Member