‘Injured Workers Want Rehabilitation’ Say Thompsons Solicitors

15 Jan 2011

Injured workers value rehabilitation and say it allows them to get on with their lives and their jobs quicker, a survey had found. Personal injury law firm Thompsons questioned clients who had received rehabilitation in the last year. All respondents who had received rehabilitation while off sick said that the treatment had helped them return to work earlier than they would otherwise have done. The majority also said that it had reduced the amount of assistance they needed with day to day tasks (70 per cent) and helped them to return to their leisure pursuits (80 per cent).Everyone who responded said that rehabilitation had helped in their recovery, and that it had been a positive experience.

The law firm that works closely with GMB is calling on government ministers to put rehabilitation for injury victims at the heart of its review of civil justice.

Judith Gledhill, head of personal injury at Thompsons, commented: ‘There is a rehabilitation code and if all parties act within the spirit of the code and ensure that claimant’s are offered and accept appropriate rehabilitation at an early stage, the outcome will generally be better for all involved in the litigation process.’ She added: ‘For insurers promotion of early rehabilitation will generally result in a reduction in the amount of damages and costs paid, whilst the injured person will have the benefit of input and treatment from experienced healthcare professionals.’‘