Local Government Consultation Begins

21 Oct 2014

GMB has commenced briefings on the new local government pay proposals which affect NJC Green Book staff in councils, schools, academies and many related employments.  Please try to attend any briefings arranged at your workplace and if you haven’t heard about one or want to request one, contact your GMB rep or local GMB office.  Membership democracy is paramount so the vote on the proposals will start at the end of this month and will be a postal ballot of GMB members.  It is important that everyone has a say on their pay so please use the opportunity and if you know of any non members please bring this to their attention too so they can join online and get the chance to vote.

The proposals cover a two year period from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2016 and are worth 2.32% on average (although much higher for the lower paid) and for most people comprise a cash lump sum payable in December plus a percentage pay rise in January.  The details are attached including a table showing how the proposals take effect at different salary levels.  Much more detail will be explained at our briefings.

For members who are not covered by the NJC, for example craft red book staff or chief officers, discussions are still ongoing and I will issue further information when it is available.