Northern Towns Against Cuts

2 Feb 2013

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Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in Halifax today, to protest against the on-going government cuts which threaten to do more damage to our health and council services. The protest is backed by trade unions which have formed the Northern Towns Against Cuts group to resist the government’s austerity programme.  The group was originally founded by the NUT and GMB two years ago but savage government cuts has seen the group extend to 12 unions. 

Protesters met outside of Halifax Town Hall and at 10.30am were led through the streets of Halifax by a 12-strong troop of bag pipers to Halifax Piece Hall for a rally. Speakers included Halifax Labour MP Linda Riordan, a parent from a local children’s centre, a local resident, James Stribley from Remploy and Yorkshire and the Humber TUC chairman and GMB regional secretary, Tim Roache.