Tory Party Fossil

14 Mar 2013

David Cameron says GMB is a dinosaur but GMB has more members than the tory party and is growing while the tory party is shrinking says GMB who responded to the reference by Mr Cameron to the union at Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons on 13th March 2013. See below for summary of exchange.

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary said “According to David Cameron GMB is a dinosaur. GMB has more members than the Tory Party and is growing while the Tory Party is shrinking. If GMB is a dinosaur then the Tory Party is a fossil; dead and buried.”

Notes: Prime Minister question time Wed 13th March

Ed Miliband criticised the Prime Minister for making it up as he went along and said the country was paying the price.

Cameron said Miliband did not have a single positive suggestion about getting on top of the deficit.

He drew attention to a copy of Miliband’s diary which Cameron said had a list of the dinners that he had held to raise money from trade unions including the GMB, Usdaw, Aslef, TSSA and Ucatt, Mr Cameron said: “Dinosaur after dinosaur, dinner after dinner. They pay the money, they get the policies, but the country will end up paying the price.”