Tory Threat to Recovery

21 Apr 2010

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary said, “These latest figures for job seekers allowance confirm that the economy has started to recover from this bankers recession but the unemployment data shows how long there is to go to get back to the level that the economy was at in 2007 much less to grow beyond that.

Recovering this lost output is the key to getting down the deficit in the public finances. Any shift in policy to slash public spending will threaten this growth, will lead to a loss of vital services and add hundreds of thousands to the dole queues. These cuts will impact on private sector jobs.

The Tory policy of wanting to jump from the frying pan of recession into the fire of slashed public services and public investment should be resisted by the electorate. Growth, and rebalancing the economy back to manufacturing and exports, is the key to the successful future for Britain’s economy.”