UNIONLINE - 0300 333 0303

29 May 2014

UNIONLINE - GMB’s new advice line for personal injury claims is now live. Please see following the letter from the Regional Secretary to all branches, activists, officers and staff:

29 May 2014

To: All Branches, Activists, Officers & Staff

Dear Colleague,


The GMB union has established the UK’s first union legal firm that will deal with all of our members’ legal cases from Thursday, 29th May 2014.  Any member who has a personal injury claim will need to phone the new number: 0300 333 0303.  The person who answers the phone will take details of the accident and it will then be forwarded to the region’s solicitors for them to pursue the case.

Please note that the new solicitors for our region with effect from Thursday, 29th May 2014 are Pattinson & Brewer, who are a UK national firm with one of their offices being in York.

Please advise all of your members of this new legal phone line number that they need to ring in the event of a personal injury case. In respect of employment cases i.e. dismissal, discrimination, unpaid wages etc., there is no change to the existing set up that these are dealt with through our internal regional union structures.

Unionline and our solicitors, Pattinson & Brewer will also advise and assist on extended legal services, for example; criminal, matrimonial, free will service etc., so our members need to ring Unionline for these services.

You will be aware that until now our region’s solicitors have been Thompsons, but unfortunately Thompsons are not signatories to the new agreement and that is why we have appointed Pattinson & Brewer. I am confident that we will still provide the very best legal service on behalf of all of our members across the region, but if anyone experiences any difficulties whatsoever, please refer them to either Bill Innes our legal officer or myself direct.

May I ask once again that you get this message out to every member as quickly as possible, but can I say that every member will receive a Unionline card with details and the phone number on with the next edition of The Pulse magazine that will come out after GMB Congress.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Roache
Regional Secretary