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Veolia Strike Action in Sheffield Suspended

10 Apr 2012

A fresh offer (below) was negotiated between the company and GMB using the offices of ACAS, the conciliation service. This was put to a mass meeting of GMB members on Good Friday morning but as not everyone could attend, the offer will now be put to a postal ballot to enable all members to participate. In the meantime, all industrial action is suspended.

1. All pay lifted to the highest rates eliminating all pay anomalies. (Worth 3.5% to most workers).

2. All conditions now in the long grass.

3. All future annual pay talks to use NJC as bench mark with minimum fall back at 1%. This will be a starting point as all pay will be negotiated locally.

4. All workers who do not benefit from the up-lift to receive a lump sum of £660. This will NOT be pro-rata (equivalent to 14% for cleaners).

5. Back dating to January 1st.