Yorkshire Unions Unanimously Back HOPE - NOT HATE’s Campaign In Bradford

11 Aug 2010

The Trade Union movement in Yorkshire & Humber have unanimously backed the campaign against the EDL in Bradford. At a meeting of the TUC’s regional anti-fascist committee all the unions supported calls for the Home Secretary to ban the EDL march but also opposed a counter-demonstration.

In an email circulated to branches across the region, GMB regional secretary Tim Roache wrote: “that on this one occasion we should stay away”.

Tim, who is also the Chair of the Regional TUC, added: “The only reason for this is that the EDL are desperate for trouble to kick off, and as a community it would bring Bradford to its knees as it did the last time there was rioting in Bradford.”

The committee concluded: “If it does go ahead, then we do not turn up and encourage as many people as we can influence not to do so.”

This view is shared by union branches, faith groups and community organisations within Bradford itself. Most Bradfordians accept that the stakes are too high to hold a traditional counter-protest and believe that there are other ways to show opposition to the racists of the EDL. Tomorrow HOPE-NOT HATE hand in a petition to the Home Office of 10,000 Bradfordians who are opposed to the EDL march. That’s 10,000 successful conversations the HOPE-NOT HATE campaign have had with local people.