Become a workplace rep in the NHS

Become a rep in the NHS

In 2020 our total focus needs to be on organising and building our strength. We know the Tory Government is riddled with short-sightedness and they are viciously reactionary and are going to come for the NHS. 70 years on from its inception the NHS is not in ripe health. In fact, it is currently on the critical list and in need of life support. 

Ben Kirkham - NHS Organiser

Chronic underfunding, a massive expansion of the private sector into healthcare provision, plus a demoralised and underpaid workforce, have combined to put the NHS in grave danger. 

13 out of the 14 health unions voted to accept a 3 year deal in 2018 with only the GMB urging its members to reject this. Over 80% of GMB members rejected the deal. The remaining health unions have all recommended that their members accept the deal as ‘the best that they could achieve under current circumstances’.

“It is about whether our society puts people in a place of dignity and serves them, or whether you just hand over the money to gamblers who don’t create any wealth at all.” 

Let’s be ready to fight! Let us be the one that leads on campaigns for better pay and rights at work.  With all of you behind this, I know we can deliver. I am excited to be part of this and committed in standing with our GMB reps to face the challenges of 2020 with our members. 

If you would like to help and want to fight for an alternative why not join me in becoming a GMB rep?

GMB Union representatives are people who believe in standing up for fairness and helping other members in their work place. They come from a variety of backgrounds and positions in their workplace. The union is completely committed to supporting our representatives.

So often workers are nervous to become GMB Union representatives, they feel:

  • that they don’t have enough of an education
  • nervous about negotiations with management
  • worried about their ability

 Don’t be! 

The main focus of becoming a rep is to build confidence - academics is not important and all aspects of trade union representation will be covered.

The GMB will equip, develop confidence and offer new learning opportunities for all our union representatives.

The feedback from most GMB members who have become GMB Union representatives, say it was the best thing they could have done. Not just for their workplace satisfaction of helping other people at work, but also their personal development and confidence boost.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a GMB rep please follow the link below and complete your details.

Become a rep in the NHS


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