#SaveTheSpinney ✊


  • Last year, GMB members, care workers and supporters in communities up and down Derbyshire campaigned together and stopped the closure of The Spinney. Derbyshire County Council are once again considering closure.
  • Residents at The Spinney are devastated at the proposal of closure and many have said they would rather die than face the upheaval of having the leave their home.
  • A Finance and Housing Expert says there are other viable options than closing the home

Case Against Closure:

  1. The Spinney care home is financially viable despite claims otherwise.
  2. There is clear and ongoing demand for spaces at the Spinney care home. 
  3. Essential maintenance could take place in a way which reduces disruptions. 

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We, the undersigned, note the decision of The Cabinet of 18th November 2021, to reject the option of closure on the 7 care homes identified in the cabinet report and we call on Derbyshire County Council to step-back from the implied threat to the other 16 care homes which are owned and run by the council. 

We urge you to end closure speculation as this undermines the confidence of staff teams that each Care Home has built up. We call for future options based on Derbyshire County Council as a provider of Direct Care Homes for Older People. 

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