Yorkshire Tories have failed the ‘levelling up’ test warns union

  • High skilled jobs at risk across Yorkshire if HS2 scrapped.
  • GMB calls for urgent action to protect skilled jobs in construction and manufacturing. 

The Conservatives are abandoning voters in Yorkshire who helped deliver them a majority at the last general election. Under proposals to scrap HS2 billions of pounds of investment in the region will be placed at risk. 

Yorkshire deserves more than consolation prizes; it needs real long investment in transport infrastructure to link towns and cities together and create thousands of high skilled well-paying jobs. 

Neil Derrick, Regional Secretary of GMB Yorkshire and North Derbyshire said: 

“Voters will rightly be left scratching their heads if Yorkshire politicians like Rishi Sunak talk a big talk on levelling up the North but fail to deliver when push comes to shove.” 

“Our members want to see investment in skills, infrastructure and education. If reports are to be believed the Conservatives have failed to deliver. No amount of spin or rebranding will convince many voters otherwise.” 


Notes to Editor: 

  • The GMB is a general union and represents more than 570,000 
  • The GMB is the union of HS2 workers and represents many thousands more in the supply chain.



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