Congress 2011

Brighton Conference Centre - King’s Road - Brighton

Sunday, 5th to Thursday, 9th June 2011

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500 delegates representing more than 610,000 GMB members from all regions of the UKand all industries meet to discuss industrial, economic and political programme of Britain’s third largest trade union.

From Sunday 5th to Thursday 9th June the GMB Congress comprising of 500 delegates and lay officers representing 610,000 GMB members will meet in Brighton Conference Centre, King’s Road, Brighton. They will be accompanied by 300 visitors drawn mainly from GMB organised workplaces around the UK. Those elected to attend the Congress will be drawn from every part of the UK and from every sector of the economy.

Among the items for debate will be the GMB approach to public sector cuts and changes to the public services pensions schemes (Tuesday). Delegates will receive reports on on-going negotiations, and GMB plans for the future depending on the outcome of these negotiations. Also on the agenda is a major GMB report on the economy and the policies that GMB will ask the Labour Party to adopt as its long term approach to the economy (Monday). Among the items to be considered will be the number of workers for each job vacancy in all areas of the UK. Ed Balls MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer will attend the debate and will take part in a Question and Answer session chaired by Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror (Monday).

There will be a debate on proposed changes in employment rights (Monday). A Senior Cabinet Minister from the UK coalition government has agreed to address Congress and take part in a general question & answer session (Monday). 

There will also be a debate on an emergency motion regarding the plight of 31,000 elderly and vulnerable residents in the 750 Southern Cross care homes following the warning last week from the company that is will go into Administration if its landlords do not agree to cut the rents.  This will coincide with the publication of a GMB report “The Cross We Have to Bear” naming the gullible and the guilty in the City who were involved in the 2006 float of the company for £2.20 per share which are now worth 9.4 pence each.


Your Delegation

Yvonne Arkwright - Sheffield Health
Peter Bagnall - Leeds Education
Raymond Buckle - Brightside
Alex Burton-Keeble - Barnsley Health Service
David Charles - Leeds Central & Symphony
Kevin Chester - West Yorkshire Police Support Staff
Neil Cole - Leeds Civic
Mark Crampton - Leeds Local Govt Staff
Jackie Foster - Sheffield Health
John Garside - Barnsley GMB
Cindy Gavin - Leeds School Support Staff
Ken Gilberthorpe - Sheffield Boilermakers
Colin Gill - Leeds Works Dept
Brian Golding - York Rowntrees
Amanda Horsman - Rotherham General & Mcp
Moira Hunter - Asda South
Moya O’Neill - Leeds Civic
Andy Irving - Ciba Chemicals
John Jackson - Transport & Distribution
Martin Jackson - Barnsey Health Service
Graham Jarvis - Windowstyle
Ian Kemp - Parkgate
Rita Knowles - Asda Stores
Eugene Learoyd - Asdair
David McLean - Leeds School Support Staff
Gary Nesbitt - Bradford Public Services
Phil Outlaw - Retford GMB
Terence Pollard - Rotherham Chemicals
Nikki Sharpe - Sheffield Mcp & Light
James Shield - York General
Lee Simpson - Rotherham General & Mcp
James Stribley - Brightside
Maureen Taylor - Chapeltown
Susan Walker - Asda Stores
Garry Warwick - Sheffield Local Govt Staff
Steve Wellings - Sheffield Mcp & Light

GMB Personnel 
Tim Roache - Regional Secretary
Neil Derrick - Senior Organiser
Steve Jennings - Senior Organiser
Bill Chard - Membership Development Officer
Peter Davies - Organiser
Darran Travis - Organisation Officer
Kalvinder Degun - Finance Officer
Maria Ford - Personal Assistant to Regional Secretary

Congress Decisions 2011

GMB Congress 2011 Decisions.pdf
GMB Congress 2011 Decisions Table.pdf

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