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Rugby League Players’ Association

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The Rugby League Players’ Association is part of the official sporting section of the GMB, Britain’s general union. Our aims and objectives are to offer support, guidance and a range of services to current and ex Rugby League players, coaches and support staff and the wider Rugby League community.

The Rugby League Players’ Association aims to support the right sort of guidance, advice and representation and also offer help with contracts and provide expert financial and legal assistance. We also provide assistance with education and retraining in order for you to obtain fair and equitable treatment in every aspect of your career (inside and outside of the game).

As with much else in life, the course of a career seldom runs as smoothly as first envisaged. Disputes, disagreements and disappointments are very much a fact of life for players, coaches and support staff, just the same as anyone else. So we are here to support you, be it in a dispute on the field or with your club.

Thanks to the generous help of the GMB, the Rugby League Players’ Association are now able to deliver a first class service to the RL community.

There is a strong emphasis on education and re-training so that members can plan for a future after their sporting career.

British Boxers’ Association

The BBA will protect and support you throughout your boxing career.  We can also help you plan for a career outside of the ring. We will represent you at any hearings you may have to attend and in contract negotiations. 

We also provide an extensive range of legal services for BBA members and their families.

Geoff Burrow - GMB Sports Branch Secretary


Geoff is the GMB Sports Officer & Branch Secretary of the GMB Sports Section. Geoff is also the Project Manager for the Regional Learning Project which has been offering a valuable service to the Sports members in the RLPA for the past 5 years. This Educational service provides Information, Advice & Guidance for players in order for them to plan for a career after Sports & gain the relevant qualifications in order for them to be successful. Geoff has built up superb partnerships with Colleges & Learning Providers.

Geoff is the person who represents Players & Staff whenever they need Contract advice, or advice on Legal matters or Grievances or Disciplinary matters, etc. This representation is offered on a strictly confidential basis & he works in a professsional manner in order to resolve any issues for members.  Geoff enjoys all sports but has been a lifelong Rugby League fan.

To contact Geoff email him at: [email protected] or call 0345 337 7777 / 07788 413585

To find out more about the work of the RLPA visit the RLPA website.

Mark Reynolds - GMB Sports Branch President


Mark is from Huddersfield. Mark played amateur Rugby League for a few years after retiring from amateur Boxing at 24 years of age after 14 years competing. Mark has a passion & commitment for Sport & to help athletes reach their full potential on & off the sporting scene. Besides being President of the GMB Sports Section & RLPA, Mark runs Rawthorpe Amateur Boxing Club in Huddersfield & also runs a Community Sports Group helping young people achieve their goals.

To contact Mark email: [email protected] or call 0345 337 7777 / 07747 846977.


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