GMB marks Black Friday by launching confidential helpline for workers to report concerns over working conditions.

GMB, the union for ASOS workers, has marked Black Friday by launching a 24-hour whistleblowing telephone helpline to allow anonymous reporting of concerns about terms and conditions and working practices at the fashion retailer.

ASOS the global online fast fashion retailer expect massive sale increases as it slashes prices by up to 20% in a hope to entice online shoppers for the consumer phenomenon that is Black Friday.

The union urged all ASOS workers with concerns to call 0330 041 4849 where they will be able to speak in their own time and in the strictest of confidence.

GMB’s initiative follows investigations by both Buzzfeed [1] and the BBC [2] which exposed allegations of poor working practices and exploitative contracts at the company’s Barnsley distribution centre.

Earlier this Autumn, following pressure from GMB’s Respect ASOS Workers Campaign, the company was forced to make changes to its working practices. GMB warned the company had failed to do enough to guarantee fairness and respect for its workers.

Neil Derrick, GMB Regional Secretary said: “ASOS are so focused on making a fast buck on Black Friday that they appear to have forgotten that as an employer their first responsibilities are delivering a safe, decent workplace and fair terms and conditions for their own workers.   “At GMB, we know it can be difficult and intimidating to raise concerns about an employer - that’s why today we’re launching a confidential helpline for ASOS workers to report their experiences without fear of reprisal.   

“No Friday should be a Black Friday for workers and too many ASOS workers have reported dark days when employed by the company. We encourage anyone with concerns to call 0330 041 4849 where they will be able to speak in their own time and in the strictest of confidence.”




GMB Press Office 07958 156846 or at [email protected]



GMB’s confidential ASOS 24 hour whistleblowing helpline is on 0330 041 4849 or by email on [email protected]

For more details of GMB's Respect ASOS Workers' Campaign - http://respect-asos-workers.com/

[1] Buzzfeed - https://www.buzzfeed.com/saraspary/these-asos-workers-are-paying-the-true-price-of-your-order

[2] BBC - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37483334

Photos of GMB helpline staff at the union's Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Office.


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