Sunderland Council use an arm's length organisation to underpay care workers – and keep them out of the full pension scheme 

GMB Union are today (Wednesday 13 September) launching a major equal pay campaign across the City of Sunderland. 

Sunderland care workers, the majority of whom are women, have been employed through Sunderland Care and Support, which is entirely owned by Sunderland Council.  

The Council has used this organisation to put women workers on lower grades than directly employed council workers who do work of equal value, as well as deny them access to the Tyne & Wear Pension Scheme. [1] 

This Wednesday GMB will be launching a city-wide campaign to end this injustice and encourage all women affected to formally lodge equal pay claims against the Council.  

GMB believes women workers are owed hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

In other councils with discriminatory pay practices, GMB has secured payouts for women workers into the tens of thousands.  

Kim Inglis, Sunderland GMB Rep, said: 

"Sunderland Council have been underpaying women care workers for years, and we are determined to end this injustice.  

"As a care worker, me and my colleagues do vital work supporting vulnerable people. I'm proud to be leading this equal pay campaign and encourage all women who work for Sunderland Care and Support to join the GMB pay claim. 

“We are owed wages for years of work. Our work isn’t worth less than men in comparable roles. 

"I ask the people of Sunderland to support our campaign by standing with us, sign our petition, talk to your Councillors, and write to your MP. Help us win pay justice." 


Media Enquiries: Kat Fletcher 07966 453808 [email protected] 

  Notes to Editors 


  • The Campaign will launch on Wednesday 13th September with a city wide advertising campaign. 
  • GMB will be holding a campaign stunt outside Sunderland City Hall from 15.00. 
  • Kim Inglis, Sunderland Care Worker will be raising the Equal Pay Claim formally at Full Council at 16.00. 
  • Care Workers are available for interview 
  • [1] Care workers employed by the council’s arm's length body have a 1% worker contribution and 3% employer contribution scheme, compared to an 8% and 13% respectively contribution rate for male dominated jobs directly employed by the council 



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