Amazon is one of the most powerful corporations on the planet, headed by the world’s richest person, CEO Jeff Bezos.    During the pandemic, we have seen Amazon grow into a trillion dollar corporation and Bezos become the first person in history to amass $200 billion in personal wealth.    

Meanwhile, as Amazon warehouse workers risk their lives on low pay, the giant's carbon footprint has grown larger than two thirds of all countries in the world, and it pays close to 0% corporation tax.  
Everyone knows THIS IS WRONG.   
Amazon's success would be impossible without workers, the environment and public institutions.   
Amazon takes too much and gives back too little. It is time to Make Amazon Pay.    
We are workers, activists, and citizens from across the globe joining together to Make Amazon Pay its workers fairly, pay for its impact on the environment and pay its taxes. 

Join us for a GMB Facebook Live Zoom event starting at 5.30pm today.


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