#SaveUnionLearning Update

What an amazing start to the #SaveUnionLearning campaign this week!  In case you didn’t see it, we got great coverage in the Guardian and in the sector press.


Our content has been all over social media, and we have hit more than 20,000 petition signers too. We’ve had the issues raised in the House of Commons by a number of MPs, and TUC DGS Paul Nowak forced the chancellor to acknowledge the cut in public at a roundtable for businesses this morning. We are hearing that our letters, political, media and social media pressure and the calls from employers are creating disquiet over at the education department. So let’s keep up the pressure!

So, here’s what we need to do in week two of the campaign:


• Ask every employer your learning team works with to write to the education secretary – this is by far the most impactful thing you can do – now is not the time to be shy! If they are happy to show support, ask if they would say something in public – and if they say yes, send GMB their contact details ASAP. Tesco, Heathrow, Arla Foods and Tata Steel have all spoken out publicly – and more will do so this week coming.

• Get learners to write letters to the education secretary and their MPs – these will be really powerful – the more personal experiences they can get into the letters the better.

• Share the petition https://www.megaphone.org.uk/petitions/uk-gov-don-t-cut-union-learning and get even more people to sign it. Petition signers will get an email asking them to write to their MPs in the coming days – the draft letter will also be on Megaphone and you can share that too

• Ask local authorities to debate and pass a motion opposing the cut.
• Keep asking any politicians you have contact with to write to the education secretary opposing the cut.

Please contact Roseanna Ford on 0345 337 7777 for support with materials or templates for the above calls to action.  You can also email her at: [email protected]



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