GMB activists were outside the gates of Fox’s mint makers, Valeo, in York on Wednesday, speaking to the night shift about the strike action set to start on the 21 March.  

Members are taking action because of an attack to their terms and conditions and derisory pay offer made by the company that will go no where near helping them with the current cost of living crisis.

As the GMB team met with the members, messages of support came flooding in from other organised workplaces around the region, including Nestle in York.  They said ‘we offer our support and solidarity to our comrades at Valeo. The right to organise is a human right.  The attack on collective bargaining and terms and conditions is an attack on all.  We support our GMB brothers and sisters in your fight against the unacceptable face of capitalism. In solidarity’.

We will update you further as the strike progresses, in the meantime, it would be great if you could sign our petition: Valeo Pay Dispute - York (gmbyorkshire.org.uk)


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