A Message From Pupils At Bradfield School In Support of GMB Members Fighting For A Living Wage

Our Dinner Ladies and Cleaners play a vital role in the running of the school. Our cleaners work to ensure we have a clean, safe environment to work in, whilst our Dinner Ladies provide us with meals that ensure we don't lose concentration in class.

As students at Bradfield School, we were shocked to discover that our dinner ladies and cleaners weren't being paid the Living Wage. We are calling on Vinci, who employ our cleaners, and Taylor Shaw, who employ our dinner ladies, to start paying them the Living Wage.

The Living Wage is independently calculated as being the amount of money needed to be able to maintain a reasonable standard of living. It currently stands at £8.25 an hour (outside of London). Sign our petition today to send a message to Taylor Shaw and Vinci saying that our Dinner Ladies and Cleaners deserve to be able to live - not just survive!

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