Asbestos Registration

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Click the link above to download a copy of the Asbestos Questionnaire or alternatively contact GMB on 0300 013 3377 and ask for a hard copy.

A number of years ago the region introduced the Asbestos Questionnaire registration document.  

The purpose of the questionnaire is to allow members to record their working history if they believe that they have come into contact with asbestos at their workplace. 

Since the introduction of the asbestos regulations an employer now has a duty to carry out a survey to ascertain whether asbestos is present and also to inform their employees if this is the case.  The duty of care extends to controlling or removing the asbestos so as to protect their employees. 

When GMB receives a completed asbestos questionnaire we add our members’ details to a database and then submit the form to the GMB’s solicitors, UNIONLINE.

The information contained in the questionnaire may prove critical at a later point in time if the individual or indeed their family needs to pursue a personal injury claim.

This is a service that is only open to GMB members.  Anyone who is not a GMB member and thinks they have been exposed to asbestos in the workplace should sign-up to GMB and then lodge their details via the questionnaire as soon as possible.

To obtain a hard copy of the Asbestos Register Questionnaire contact Julie Oldfield on 0300 013 3377 or download a copy below.  Once completed return to FREEPOST GMB WAKEFIELD.


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