Some workers say they have had incorrect deductions from their pay stretching back many months says GMB Union

ASOS workers have been threatened with baliffs over unpaid bills after long-running payroll chaos.

GMB, the union for ASOS workers, has been inundated with calls from members who have been paid incorrectly, leaving many unable to pay their bills and being faced with bailiffs at the door. [Contact GMB Press Office for case studies]

The workers are employed by XPO logistics, which runs the ASOS site in Barnsley on behalf of the fashion giant.

Staff have reported both under and overpayment, with some workers not being paid at all. 

Workers are now totally confused and worried about how and when they will be paid correctly.

Deanne Ferguson, GMB Regional organiser, said; 

“We have seen huge numbers of calls from workers at ASOS in Barnsley asking for advice and support from GMB due to incorrect payments of wages. 

“Some workers say they have had incorrect deductions from their pay stretching back many months.

“Many of them can’t pay their bills as a result and have had bailiffs turn up at their door.

“The stress and anxiety this has caused workers and their families is utterly appalling. 

“GMB was told this was due to a ‘system failure’.

“However, we refuse to accept this as a reasonable explanation when such errors continue to occur over many months. 

“XPO logistics is a large company employing thousands of workers. It is simply not good enough to blame ‘system failure’ when people’s livelihoods and homes are at stake.

“The company need to get their payroll in order and stop playing ‘pay lottery’ with our members' money.

“We have asked all workers to lodge an immediate grievance against XPO logistics should they feel they are being treated unfairly or wrongly paid. 

“GMB demands an immediate adjustment to the current failing payroll system and for all members to receive a full reimbursement of any unlawful deductions taken with immediate effect.”


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Notes to Editors

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