Low paid staff being offered bridging loans while directors and shareholders get millions is disgraceful, says GMB Union.

GMB, the union for hospital staff, is staging a protest outside Barnsley Hospital on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 over a private company’s decision to leave members struggling to feed their families for weeks.

ISS is a £9 billion global outsourcing giant, employs hospital cleaners, porters and catering staff at the hospital.

At the end of this month, the company is changing the pay cycles of its lowest paid staff – which means many weekly waged workers will not get paid between Thursday [April 18] and May 9 - a gap of three weeks.

GMB cannot stand by and let members face this kind of hardship.

In the calendar year 2017, ISS UK Limited dished out £61million in dividends to shareholders, while the five directors trousered £2m between them.

The demonstration takes place as follows:

Wednesday April 17, 2019 10am to 12.30pm

Barnsley Hospital

Pogmoor Road


S75 2EP

Stacey Booth, GMB Oganiser, said:

“These brutal pay cycle changes are going to send some of the lowest paid people at the hospital into a terrifying spiral of debt

“GMB members are dealing with the fallout from an ISS payroll system not fit for the 21st Century

“The arrogance is breath-taking - our members, the people who keep these hospitals running - are offered an online ‘bridging loan’ so they can keep a roof over their heads and feed themselves

“Meanwhile ISS showers millions on shareholders and directors.

“It’s nothing short of a disgrace and GMB will keep on fighting and we will ensure our members’ voices are heard. 


Contact: GMB Press Office on 07958 156846 or [email protected]




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