Are you a budding Picasso? Don’t worry if you’re not, it’s time to get creative. We need your help and want you to enter our competition by designing a poster and image for our equality team here at the GMB.

The first design is a poster to say thank you to all our key workers (NHS, carers, teachers, school support staff, refuse collectors, council workers, shop workers, distribution, etc.) who are doing a fantastic job taking care of us. The winning design will go into all our workplaces to say thank you to all those who have kept the country running.

The second design is an image that we can use for Hate Crime Awareness Week in October 2020. The winning design will go on our posters and t-shirts. Your design should say something like ‘it’s okay to be different and you should never hate anyone for being a different colour, religion, disabled or having a different family to you.’

Just remember to make sure the GMB logo appears somewhere in your design.

You could grab yourself some great prizes too if you win. Both categories have a 1st and 2nd prize!

• 1st Prize - £50 family cinema voucher for when things get back to normal and a stationery bundle
• 2nd Prize - Stationery bundle

So get drawing and email your entries to: [email protected] or you can send a hard copy to Freepost GMB Wakefield.

When you send your entries please make sure we have your name, age, the member’s name and their membership number.

Good luck!



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