Calling all Hermes Drivers…

Worker Admin Payments: GMB has negotiated a special one off payment of £350 per person who are worker status couriers, i.e. those that have remained with Hermes and signed a worker contract in early 2019.

GMB noticed that there was a failure to implement admin payments laid down in the agreements made with the company. 

As a result the company made a final offer of a one off payment of £350 for those worker status couriers that have remained with the company.

The company will send a special invoice in the first week of February and payment will be made in the 2nd week of February.

We know many were unaware of this entitlement, and as such this may come as a surprise. 

GMB recent common sense victory regards getting the “stated day” payments resumed after they were initially withdrawn without notice (and many couriers not noticing that they had stopped) is another good reason for having a union agreement with the company. It gives you a voice at work that you didn’t have before, and access to redress wrong situations.

We hope members will be pleased with the hard work put in by all your GMB national reps on this matter on your behalf.

This message is intended only for those who have Worker Status (194)        




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