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Branch President - Bob Gachagan
Branch Auditor – Colin Hampton
Branch Auditor – Glyn Power
Race officer – Katrina Hudson
Equality Officer – Tim Wilkinson
Youth Officer – Dave Hunter

Branch Meeting Dates

Meetings are held at 7.30pm in the Chesterfield Labour Club - 113 Saltergate - Chesterfield - S40 1NF - There is ample free car parking.  If you can’t attend because of shiftwork, alternative meetings can be arranged by contacting the branch secretary.


Branch Agendas & Minutes



March for the NHS Reaches Derbyshire



Pellacraft Saves GMB Rep From Dog Bite

GMB Chesterfield No 1 branch members Shay Boyle, Colin Hampton and Snowy Bradley were leafletting in Clay Cross one February Sunday morning when Shay was attacked by a dog. He had been pushing leaflets through a letter box when the dog came around a corner and started sniffing about.

Branch secretary Shay said, “I was nervously saying ‘nice doggy’ as you do but when I turned around it flew into a sudden rage started to bark and then snapped at me. I was only prevented from sudden death by the GMB conference bag I carried the leaflets in. I held the bag between me and the dog’s viciously sharp teeth and it snapped at the bag several times before the owner came around the corner and ordered the dog inside.”

Sam Pella from promotional equipment providers Pellacraft commented, “We are so pleased that one of our GMB promotional items was able to prevent injury giving a whole new meaning to GMB@Work!” GMB senior organiser Graham Benton added tongue in cheek, “This is yet another example of the branch’s commitment to campaigning in the community above and beyond the call of duty. It is not known if Colin and Snowy have stopped laughing yet.”

Book Launch

Colin Hampton, from Chesterfield No 1 branch, held a book launch at Chesterfield Labour Club, on Sunday 15th December 2013. ‘On the Tramp’ is a 1930’s poignant true life tale of search for employment by Charlie and his mate Joe, in the difficult pre-war years.  Originally penned many years ago by Charlie and printed by Russell Press in 1983. 

Cllr Michelle Booth says:  “I borrowed copy of the book earlier this year and asked Charlie’s son, Robin, if he would consider getting it re-printed so that it can be read by local folk.  We got in touch with Russell Press who printed the original and their help has been invaluable.  Robin Potter of Kingsway, Ilkeston, adds: “My dad would be so pleased to know that the book has found renewed interest and that the sales of it will contribute funds to a worthwhile cause, the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre. 

The printing costs were funded by the Erewash Labour Group and has been re-printed thirty years on by the Russell Press and went on sale at THE REASONABLE PRICE OF £5 per copy ALL PROCEEDS will go to the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre. 

The Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre is an established centre that provides free and independent welfare rights advice and representation, specialist advice and sign posting services. Local councillors call upon their expert help to assist enquiries from local Ilkeston people.  Colin Hampton, from the DUWC, says: “The Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centres tries to give a voice to the concerns and issues facing unemployed people today.  It is a voice that is seldom heard because of the isolation and powerlessness people experience when out of work.  Times have changed but many of the issues faced are still the same.  We are pleased to be associated with the reprint of this book which gives a local feel to a national scandal - the scandal of mass unemployment in a rich society!



Chesterfield Trades Union Council Forming Food Bank

Many food banks are organised by faith organisations and they are to be commended but we believe it is also the responsibility of the labour and Trade Union Movement to offer solidarity to fellow workers who are victims of the ConDem policies. Chesterfield & District Trade Union Council is asking TU branches to donate to the Chesterfield TUC Food Bank as soon as possible. An appeal has gone out to local branches today for money or food donations.  At our branch meeting last night we agreed to donate £50. Chesterfield No. 1 GMB branch is the first to donate and the attached pic shows me after shopping at the Coop and delivering the food bank donation to North East Derbyshire District Offices who are supporting the event. On the launch of the real Chesterfield Food Bank we will be having a demonstration in Chesterfield as food banks should not be needed in a rich society. We will launch our Food Bank Banner saying UNITED WE BARGAIN -  DIVIDED WE BEG

Food Bank Appeal1.pdf


GMB members joined a demonstration outside the Chesterfield base for ATOS Healthcare – the company hired by the government to assess disabled people who may be fit for work.  A mock United Nations Land Rover, complete with flashing lights and several “UN Police” wearing blue berets as well as a “UN investigator” mounted the pavement. The UN personnel and the UN Investigator approached the ATOS office and asked the manager to hear their complaint. Mainly how ATOS treats disabled people. The UN Investigator had a file with evidence of human rights abuse to present to the ATOS management but they were refused entry. Then they marched down to the Jobcentre Plus and although they were able to gain access into the building, management refused to meet them. 

Colin Hampton (GMB), organiser of the event said that more protests will be staged in 2014 as he was hoping for a conference to be held early in the New Year. “Many people in the North Derbyshire area” Colin said “have complained about the treatment at the hands of ATOS”


Young and old hands packed Chesterfield Labour Club on Saturday 19th October for a party to celebrate its 30th anniversary with a  birthday cake and a special poem.  The poem’ The Chesterfield Labour Club Ghost’ was written by Derbyshire  Poet Laureate,  Matt Black and read out by  club member Shay Boyle (Derbyshire Poet laureate for a night). Councillor John Burrows spoke about the club’s beginnings in a building which had been Mormon Church with the first pint being pulled by miners’ leader Peter Heathfield. All staff were volunteers. The club has hosted election campaigns, a women’s action group and many a strike meeting. In its tradition of solidarity, 167 tins and money were collected for Markham Road Food Bank and soup kitchen. Music was provided by Richard Hunter, Acorn Roots, Whiskey Bob and Shaker. Music, drama, poetry, social and political activity continue to feature in the club’s  lively programme


TUC Long Service Award

Pictured is Shay Boyle being presented with his TUC long Service Award by James Eaden at the July trades council meeting.  Shay joined the GMB in 1979 and has also been involved in the Chesterfield & District Trades Union Council for over 30 years.  He was a GMB delegate of the Chesterfield Water branch of Severn Trent Water.  After retiring from full- time work in 2003, he was nominated as Chesterfield TUC Secretary and is still doing that job today. 

Shay said: “I’m glad to receive the award and proud to be a member of the Chesterfield & District Trades Union Council, one of the most active trades councils in the country.
I wear my award badge proudly next to the GMB logo on my fleece.”


Valentine Poem
Family members miles apart
Sending valentines from the heart
Hearts and kisses meant for some
But some workers won’t be home
They lost their lives while at their job
Leaving many families robbed
So keep health and safety in your mind
Or you won’t be this year’s Valentine.
Shay January 2013



Save Our NHS Event

Several Chesterfield No. 1 branch members helped out at a Save Our NHS event in the market square in Chesterfield on the NHS 60th anniversary. There was a number of speakers and we managed to fill 30 petition sheets. People were only too willing to come up and sign. Anne Western, Labour Leader of North East Derbyshire District Council cut the birthday cake. Colin Hampton, GMB branch member was among the speakers.


40th Anniversary of Saltley Gates

Following on from the successful demonstration outside Cineworld in Chesterfield that has stimulated debate at home and abroad about the legacy of the 1980s Government lead by Margaret Thatcher we will be holding a meeting and Social at the Chesterfield Labour Club on the 40th Anniversary of Saltley Gates on Friday 10th February at 7.15pm. The evening will include songs from the Miners’ strike performed by the band Toein’ in the Dark, film footage from Derbyshire area taken during 84/85 and a discussion regarding the lessons for today’s struggles for jobs and workers’ rights.  Tickets are limited owing to the size of the venue and will be available to invited guests until Friday 27th January when tickets (should there be any left) will go on general sale.  Tickets are £2 and available from DUWCs 70 Saltergate or by phoning 07870 387999


Events & Campaigns

The GMB shared a stall with the Trade Union Safety Team at the South Normanton Health Information Point on Monday 5th August.


Colin Hampton, co-ordinator of the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre (DUWC) received an award from Derbyshire County Council for his Community Spirit.



Shop Stewards Training Held in Chesterfield Office in January 2013




A petition signing took in Chesterfield on Saturday, 13th August 2011, to campaign against the proposed closure of Remploy factories and privatisation of Employment Services. All 54 Remploy factories are under threat with potential job losses of more than 2500 disabled people. Please visit the home page of this site for regular campaign updates.







John Burrows, leader of Chesterfield Borough Council, Graham Baxter, leader of North East Derbyshire District Council, Toby Perkins, Chesterfield MP and Colin Hampton, Coordinator for Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre, Chesterfield and GMB member, campaigning against the planned closure of advice centres in Chesterfield. “People want to complain but are prevented from speaking out because of the cuts. Hence the gags”, said Colin, (holding the megaphone).




That was the defiant message sent to the government by campaigners, including several members from the GMB Chesterfield No. 1 branch who made a stand against planned funding cuts to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and local councils in a demonstration in Chesterfield town centre on Workers’ Memorial Day in April.

“The health and safety of workers will be left to the ‘common sense’ of the employers” said Shay Boyle, GMB branch Secretary and development worker for the Trade Union Safety Team. “Try explaining that to the 600 people who were forced to contact us for advice.”


DWP Nil Points as GMB Demonstrate Outside Chesterfield Job Centre
On 24th January, 30 people, including several GMB members from Chesterfield No. 1 branch, met outside the Jobcentre to give the DWP nil points as part of a campaign against assessments made to Employment and Support Allowance claimants.  There was good media coverage.  A similar demonstration is being planned in Derby.  Colin Hampton, Chesterfield Unemployed Workerentre co-ordinater and GMB Auditor, has been helping the Derby Trades Council establish a Derby Unemployed Workers’ Centre and the Demo will be part of the launch of the group. 


Protest against Cameron’s cuts on Budget day

As David Cameron yesterday spelled out the scale and scope of the proposed cuts to be introduced on Emergency Budget day, the Chesterfield & District Trades Union Council were in there first with a planned Budget Day Protest in Chesterfield Town Centre.  Colin Hampton and Shay Boyle, from Chesterfield GMB No.1 branch and James Eaden, Trades Council President and UCU member led the demonstration in New Square. Trade union banners were staged around the square. Table top information areas were set up and leaflets about the cuts were handed out to the public between 11.30am and 2.00pm. Passers by were invited to join the GMB as membership application forms were handed out by Shay.
Colin Hampton reminded everybody that all working people and their families are being lined up to take cuts in order to pay back the billions used to bail out the bankers in the financial crisis. The Budget Day protest and rally aims to bring together the widest possible coalition of resistance to the proposed cut backs. Speakers from UCATT, NASUWT, GMB, UCU and Bill Greenshields from th e East Midlands NUT came along and said Their bit. As well as a 16 year old student, protesting about the shutting down of college courses.  (I gave him a GMB form as well).


Chesterfield No 1 displaying their new branch banner!


Chesterfield Challenging Poverty
A strong delegation from Chesterfield No. 1 branch joined the Unemployed Workers Challenging Poverty in Changing Times Conference in Congress House on Monday18th October.

Francis O’Grady, TUC deputy general secretary, led the conference which is meeting at a crucial time. As the economy continues to struggle, as regional disparities increase and as unemployment looks set to rise beyond 2.5 million.

The consequences of the cuts will be devastating. Not just on recovery, growth and jobs. Not just on the services most of us rely on. Not just on the jobs, pay and pensions of dedicated public servants. But also on the fabric of our society, on the glue that holds Britain’s communities together. GMB members attended several workshops designed to tackle making our voice heard better. Dispelling unemployment and benefits myths and deciding how we show there is an alternative to the cuts.

I stayed over for the massive turnout at the Westminster lobby yesterday. Westminster Hall was wall to wall with trade unions and community groups. Ordinary people like nurses, community workers and volunteers gave speeches to rapturous applause and whistle blowing. At one point in the afternoon, the chair, Francis O’Grady, said that there were so many people going across the road to lobby their MP that the security guards had to shut the gates!



Binging Bankers Bail-out

Begging fat cat bankers were out in force in Chesterfield Market.  A group of campaigners from ‘Coalition Against The Cuts’, including several GMB members, staged a protest against the government’s decision to cut public spending by slashing jobs and taking money from the poor. They were saying to passers by, “We’re the fat cat bankers and we’ve got all your money and now we want your jobs and services as well.”

Our bit of street theatre had a serious message as well,” said Shay Boyle from Chesterfield GMB No.1 branch.  “The budget deficit was caused by the bailing out of the banks and now they want me and you to pay for their binge.”

After Chesterfield, the begging bankers will be appearing in towns throughout North Derbyshire. Look out for them!


And Then There Was One

Ten little nonners working in the mine, one argued with the boss, and then there were nine.
Nine little nonners working till it’s late, one asked for shorter hours, and then there were eight.
Eight little nonners working nine till seven, one quoted working regs, and then there were seven.
Seven little nonners laying rows of bricks, one asked for safety gloves, and then there were six.
Six little nonners glad to be alive, one asked for holidays, then there were five.
Five little nonners sweeping up the floor, one asked for dust masks and then there were four.
Four little nonners lopping off a tree, one fell off the ladder and then there were three.
Three little nonners cleaning out a flue, one developed COPD and then there were two.
Two little nonners working in the sun, one asked for skin cream and then there was one.
One clever worker knowing what to do signed up with the GMB and then there were two.
Two union members liked the GMB, agreed time off and sick pay and then there were three.
Three union members seeing accidents soar, they trained up a safety Rep and then there were four.
Four union members saw safety boots arrive, held a workplace meeting and then there were five.
Five union members in spite of management’s tricks improved the workplace safety and then there were six.
Six union members (the safety rep is Kevin) brought in working time regs and then there were seven.
Seven union members upped the hourly rate, stuck together in the ballot and then there were eight.
Eight union members on the picket line, showing solidarity and then there were nine.
Nine union members all of them were men, impressed the women workers and then there were ten.