Directors Of Firms Not Paying NMW To Be Denied Further Directorships

Martin Smith, GMB National Organiser, said “Naming and shaming these employers is to be welcomed as far too few wage dodging employers not paying the national minimum wage have been brought to justice. Government needs to make a real commitment to making work pay by more aggressively seeking out offenders to prosecute them. The enforcement rules should also be changed so that trade unions can make complaints to HMRC on behalf of members.

As part of the public disgracing for the firms named, GMB is calling for the directors of these companies to be placed on a “wage offenders register” at Companies House and be deemed an unfit person to hold any further directorships. We are expecting the recommendation from the Low Pay Commission any time now on the uprating of the national minimum wage from £6.50. There are bucket loads of evidence that an uplift of at least 50p per hour would help the low paid and start to stimulate the economy and that all the big firms including the retailers can afford it.

There is no justification for the national minimum wage not keeping up with inflation. The Low Pay Commission should recommend a rate of at least £7 per hour from October 2014 to make up the ground lost since 2006. It is time for the Low Pay Commission to do what it says on the tin – “fight for the low paid”.”

Stafforce Personnel Ltd, Rotherham, neglected to pay £3,044.79 to 63 workers

Mancroft Ltd, Leeds, neglected to pay £1,172.97 to 3 workers

Mr S Partridge & Ms M Shead trading as Cobblers Fine Sandwiches & Pastries, Wakefield, neglected to pay £1,003.83 to a worker

General Tarleton Ltd, Knaresborough, neglected to pay £300.62 to 6 workers

Mr H Singleton trading as Willowbank Builders, Huddersfield, neglected to pay £163.89 to a worker

The cases named were thoroughly investigated by HM Revenue & Customs. The scheme was revised in October 2013 to make it simpler to name and shame employers that do not comply with minimum wage rules. Employers who are unsure of National Minimum Wage rules, and employees who would like advice or to complain that they are not receiving the National Minimum Wage, can get free advice via the Pay and Work Rights Helpline on 0800 917 2368 or by visiting

The current National Minimum Wage rates are:

Adult rate (21 and over) - £6.50 per hour
18-20 year olds - £5.13 per hour 
16-17 year olds - £3.79 per hour 
Apprentice rate - £2.73 per hour

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