GMB Call For £7 Per Hour National Minimum Wage

GMB commented on reports that the Low Pay Commission is split on whether to recommend uprating the national minimum wage by 50p per hour to £7 per hour from October 2014 to make up ground lost to inflation since 2006.

Tim Roache, Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Regional Secretary, said “There are bucket loads of evidence that an uplift of at least 50p per hour would help the low paid and start to stimulate the economy and that all the big firms including the retailers can afford it.

There is no justification for the national minimum wage not keeping up with inflation. The Low Pay Commission should recommend a rate of at least £7 per hour from October 2014 to make up the ground lost since 2006.

It is time for the Low Pay Commission to do what it says on the tin – “fight for the low paid”.

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