GMB Call On Members To Support Junior Doctors Dispute - 1st December 2015

Junior doctors are at the forefront of resisting further cuts to pay and conditions in NHS where pay has fallen by 10% in real terms since 2008 says GMB.

GMB, the union for staff in the NHS, called on members to support the junior doctor’s dispute on 1st December by attending picket lines in their own time outside hospitals between 8am and 12.30pm with flags and banners.

Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer, said "It is very disappointing that Jeremy Hunt has not entered into meaningful dialogue with the junior doctors who are now forced to take industrial action with a heavy heart to defend their terms and conditions of employment.

GMB is encouraging members to show support for the junior doctors on the picket lines between 8am and 12.30pm. We want them to attend in their own time with flags and banners and I know that they will back this call.

The junior doctors are now at the forefront of resisting further cuts to pay and conditions in the health service. Since the start of the recession in 2008 the pay of NHS staff has fallen by 10% in real terms. The Chancellor now wants another 5 years of pay restraint.

These cuts in pay have already led to staff shortages in the ambulance service and things will only get worse. That is why we need to get behind the junior doctors in this dispute."  



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