GMB Campaign At ASOS

GMB Union today call for Nick Beighton CEO of ASOS to be questioned by MP's The GMB Union have discovered yet more shocking working practices at the global online retail distrubution site ASOS in Barnsley.

Last month the Union learnt that ASOS plan to step up security at the site by installing 300 additional security camera's to spy on workers 24/7. GMB members then reported last week increased car searches had resulted in a union member being suspended for asking that the car search took place when they had finished eating lunch.

Today the Union have been notified by its members that ASOS owe workers 100s of hours in flex time potentially putting workers way under the legal minimum wage bracket.

Deanne Ferguson Regional Organiser for the GMB Union said "I wish I was surprised at these shocking findings but sadly I'm
not, it's yet another means for ASOS to shaft it's workers. The poor working conditions, unregulated high pick rates, big brother style security surveillance, limited access to drinking water and use of toilets.....why not now pay workers less than the legal minimum wage?

Today we call for Nick Beighton the CEO of ASOS to be questioned by MP's. Unless we start to hold these unscrupulous employers to account for the exploitation of workers in this Country then your Nick Beighton's and Mike Ashley's of this world will continue their abuse of workers and shoddy working practices".

The Union movement will today meet outside ASOS at Barnsley to unveil a community sponsorship initiative showing the workers of ASOS that we will always be there to support them, Barnsley community by the regeneration sponsorship but most importantly ASOS themselves as a sign that we will not be turning our backs on those members and exploited workers within ASOS.

Joined by the GMB leader and newly appointed General Secretary Tim Roache, Regional Secretary Neil Derrick, TUC
Regional Secretary Bill Adams and newly elected TUC Regional Chair Joanne Thomas the union movement will stand United when unveiling the sponsorship of the roundabout directly outside ASOS.


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