Whilst today’s figures are great for the ASOS owners, much is built on the back of the warehouse workers here in Barnsley says GMB.

GMB Union, the true voice of ASOS workers, today commented on blockbuster financial results announced by ASOS.

Company accounts revealed today showed sales had jumped 26per cent to £2.35 billion, with profits up 28 per cent to £102 million.

GMB recently relaunched their campaign at ASOS Barnsley after a TUC ruling found sister union Community were in breach of key principles and ordered them  to pay £24,000 in settlement. 

GMB has waged a four-year campaign at the site, calling on ASOS to end draconian working practices and improve workers’ pay, terms and conditions. 

Deanne Ferguson, GMB Organiser, said: 

“This is a real opportunity for ASOS to give something back to the local community and the people of Barnsley.

“We have had a long standing campaign at the site, calling for ASOS to respect their workers and stop the draconian style working practices which seriously affect workers physical and mental health. 

“GMB has been present outside ASOS in Barnsley for the past three weeks and workers are still complaining of attacks to their terms and conditions, reductions to sick pay, on-site bullying by management and unrealistic targets which shamefully dehumanise the workforce. 

“Whilst today’s figures are great for the ASOS owners, much is built on the back of the warehouse workers here in Barnsley. 

“GMB Union is calling on ASOS to do the right thing and start by giving something back to both the workers and the local community. 

“Working conditions desperately need to improve. We have previously highlighted how an ambulance is called out to the ASOS warehouse on average once every nine days. [1] 

“ASOS surely don’t want to end up as another Amazon where workers are treated like robots and not people. 

“So over to you ASOS, let’s see how much you value your workers whilst we, the GMB union continue to be the true voice for your workers, here in Barnsley”. 


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